Sabay Digital Corporation is multi platform content provider based in Cambodia. We are all about innovation; about being the first. Our diverse brands share a common mission to help our customers get the most out of the online revolution. With cutting-edge services, content and online properties the Sabay (Khmer for Happiness) name will forever be associated [...]


Our solution to your advertisement needs: targeted, accountable, easy to use, self-management for online banners; with prime locations at POS in over 10 different outlets as well as our monthly magazine distribution channels all over Phnom Penh. For more information and pricing please download our ONLINE ADVERTISING GUIDE. If you have more questions or you want to [...]


Sabay Web, created in 2010, provides combination of breaking news and unlimited entertainment with focuses on youth. The primary objective of the webpage is to provide main contents such as entertainment, life, society, technology and sports. Our website has more than 3.7 million pages views per month. Sabay Web is aimed to be a [...]

Chy Sila’s Entrepreneurial Journey AK Cambodian team won Silver Medal at Xshot MATIC in Bangkok Sabay partied with over 1,000 dealers to mark successful year of 2012! Cambodia National Championship found winners for MATIC 2012! Sabay Web journalist named Best Reporter of the Year! Sabay CEO on 2013 expansion plan Neak Touch 3D launched Hear [...]

Sabay is a diverse team consisting of multi nationalities from over 10 countries. We are a young, dynamic team who never settle for less. Everyday our team work closely together to be pioneers in digital entertainment in Cambodia. Sabay is committed to providing our employees a stable, fun and creative work environment with equal opportunity [...]

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